Market Street Writers, led by AWA Affiliate Lisa Colburn, offers AWA Method workshops and retreats in Virginia and Maryland. Lisa is a leader of Amherst Writers Capital Region, an organization of AWA leaders concentrated in the Washington DC area. She seems to be a natural connector, whether that means she is partnering with other workshop leaders to offer unique retreats or bringing groups of women together in her Writing from the Heart workshops.

In her own words, Lisa shares her journey to begin leading in the AWA Method:

I first encountered the AWA method on a weekend women’s retreat in Capon Springs, WV. Until then, I hadn’t realized how liberating, joyful, spontaneous, and transformative a writing workshop could be. The AWA method has the uncanny ability to elicit cascades of stories, for it deeply honors each writer’s voice. I found myself writing fiction and poetry, two genres I had never considered before. I found myself listening raptly to other writers, who shared rich stories of the places and people of their origins. In my imagination I smelled bread baking in a wood-fired oven, scuffed through leaves in the autumn woods, and journeyed to far-flung lands, all on the wings of others’ words. I wanted more.

And so, after more than 20 years in the publishing business as an editor for a variety of nonprofits, corporations, and publishers, I took the plunge and began the AWA training at founder Pat Schneider’s home in Amherst, MA.

Since then, Lisa has been leading writing workshops and retreats in the Washington DC metro area and has expanded her repertoire to include teaching Journal to the Self®.

To find out more about Lisa Colburn, Market Street Writers, and how you can join this vibrant community, please visit or follow her on Facebook or Twitter @marketstwriters.

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