The AWA Affiliate Network welcomes all who have been trained in the AWA Method.

As a community of workshop leaders who pay annual dues, affiliates support each other and actively support AWA. In turn, Amherst Writers & Artists supports affiliates with advertising, a web presence, discounts for AWA-sponsored events, professional development. We also serve as a referral and information center. For details, see our full description of benefits and responsibilities.

Affiliates establish, lead and set costs for their own workshops, retreats, and events. An AWA affiliate is not an employee of AWA, but an independent business owner or social agent. AWA maintains the quality of Affiliate workshops through the affiliate network, allowing affiliates to express their creativity and interests while staying true to the principles of the AWA Method.

Local communities

AWA is supported by chapters of leaders in various locations who have joined together to support one another’s work. Current chapters include Ireland, Canada, Sacramento, and the greater Washington, D.C. area. Regional groups are also beginning to form in North Carolina, Michigan, and NY/NJ. If you are interested in connecting with one of these groups or with leaders in your area (either geographically or of interest), please visit our Chapters page to learn more. If you’d like to initiate some of these connections yourself, we have a step-by-step guide for you.

What affiliates do

AWA affiliates lead workshops in prisons, homeless shelters, hospitals, after-school programs, half-way houses, domestic violence shelters, and nursing homes. Some affiliates travel the globe, leading writing workshops with those who have received little or no encouragement to express their voice. Some affiliates have joined forces and created focused, non-profit organizations.

The NY Writers Coalition, the first such organization to form, brings writing to homeless shelters, psychiatric units, and after-school programs in New York City neighborhoods. Write Around Portland does similar work in Portland, Oregon and Toronto Writers Collective mirrors this work in Toronto, Ontario. Voices from Inside brings the AWA Method to women in Western Massachusetts jails and 916 Ink empowers youth in Sacramento, CA. Each of these organizations locates its roots and inspiration in Amherst Writers & Artists.

How to join us

Affiliates maintain their status by paying yearly dues of $175. This can be done online, via the form below or PayPal (in the latter case, select Offline Payment in the form), or by mailing a check to Amherst Writers & Artists, PO Box 1076, Amherst MA 01004. Please fill out the form to set up your membership account and directory listing.

Support writers and workshop leaders to honor every unique voice in 2023.
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