Anne Rath offered a session on May 25.

Anne Rath is a writer, painter and psychotherapist newly moved to Cork city in Ireland. She has been leading writing workshops and retreats since 2011 and she has been a recipient of a Co Waterford Arts Bursary award and a South-East emerging artist award. She was long listed for Over the Edge New Poet of the Year in 2018. She is published in Ireland, UK and USA including Southward, Peregrine, Agenda, Orbis as well as online and Red House Poets recent anthology 2019. She is an Amherst Writers & Artist affiliate since 2014. She is currently working on her first collection.

We thank Anne for her leadership and these writers for sharing their work with us!

This Moment

by Linda O’Flaherty 

this moment is a cluster
outside of time
onwards to infinity

this moment is a prayer
on bended knees
upwards to divinity

this moment is a miracle
dissolving time
floating in fluidity

this moment amazes
and terrifies.
addicted to
my happenings
my comings and
my goings

inches from your face
I taste your smell
smell your words
hear me, see me, feel me
know me

everything is nothing
molten eyes
cool clear mysticism
deep dark realism

I am bereft
all lost
nothing yet gained

your face is shattered
in a billion fractals
light becoming

one became two
we are fractured
me in you

I have come
to lose
your face
and face
my one

This Moment

by Edel Murphy

“This moment will forever define the young man” said Dr Kinsella. 

Mary, his mother, stood in front of the man in the white coat, a stethoscope dangling around his neck like a stiff scarf. Her eyes were glossy with the tears that had begun to pool. Her body did not feel like her own. The colours in the room changed – almost immersing together. As the man continued to speak all she could focus on was his blue surgical mask. How it moved in and out with every breath he took. How the sides moved up and down as his cheekbones raised and fell while he spoke. 

How was she going to break the news to Alex? He was fifteen, an impressionable boy who had just lost the only other constant form of love in his life, apart from hers. At fifteen, you would imagine him to be slightly grown-up, a little awkward and distant even. But, this was not him. In the evenings as she lounged on the couch watching her soap operas he would announce his arrival by tumbling onto the other end of the settee, hang upside down, head falling off the edge, long legs thrown over the back and grinning wildly. This had been his way to entertain her since he was a toddler. 

At heart he was just a boy and now this news was going to catapult him into adulthood, before he was ready, before it was necessary – in the worst way possible. 

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