For the next few months, we are sharing writing that happened during AWA’s marathon weekend of writing workshops, Write Around the World. This is one way we are celebrating the AWA-certified workshop leaders & writers who joined together to raise money in support of AWA. Thank you to those who shared their voices in each workshop and especially to those who have offered their words to be shared in this space. If you’re inspired by our work and would like to be part of the fundraiser, please donate!

From April Boyington Wall’s Write Around the World Workshop


A kiss. Wake up, princess.

A kiss. Unwrap the chocolate. Suck deep. Sweet

A kiss. Kiss, kiss. Air hug, Artifice. Pseudo love. Distasteful.

A kiss. Fade to The End in 1940, fall into bed today.

A kiss. Such a strange, short, odd word . . . a mixture of hard and soft sounds. Like the act itself, gentle or intrusive.

A kiss. Shifts everything in relationships. So many tones; so many messages.

Kiss goodbye . . . tender? Sad? Short and forced? Long and mournful?

Does any gesture resonate with such alternate meanings and intentions?

Do we say “kiss off” and use it as slap?

Why is a kiss called a smack? A smack????

Not a nice work, kiss.

I think, Seussically, I’ll give kiss a miss . . .

Unless it comes from you, sweetheart.

Valary Cook
Toronto Ontario

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