Deepam Wadds offered a session on May 26.

Winner of The Writers’ Union of Canada’s 2016 short prose contest, Deepam (Susan) Wadds’ short fiction and poetry have been featured in literary journals and anthologies, including Room and carte blanche magazines. The first two chapters of her novel, “What the Living Do,” won Lazuli Literary Group’s writing contest, and was published in Azure’s winter 2017 issue.

A graduate of the Humber School for Writers, Susan is certified in the Amherst Writers & Artists (AWA) method of writing workshop facilitation. Since 2014, she has been leading writing workshops and retreats in Canada, internationally, and most recently, virtually.


Thoughts While Dancing

by Melissa Carlson

He heard the comforting swoosh and thump of

his heart, beat by beat. It’s a little scary, having

a transplanted heart, so he pays attention.

I wonder if I can tell her yet? Tell her that the

heart that beats with hers as we dance,

belonged to someone else for twenty-five

years. I’ve only had it for 12.

Does that someone else make us a trio? Nah.

It was so long ago the cells are all mine by now.

She won’t be uncomfortable about that.

Will she love me less, or more, knowing I’m a

transplant survivor? Neither, he decides. It’s

just another fact.

At their table, candle light casts a gentle glow

just for the two of them. He looks up to find her

soft eyes on his face. “I already know,” she says.

“What do you already know, sweetheart?”

“I already know your heart isn’t yours –

it’s mine.”

“Well, yes,” he grins. “That’s true. For always.”

She sighs; smiles; and leans in to kiss him


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