Sinéad MacDevitt and Jayelle Lindsay offered a session on May 15.

Sinéad’s passions in life include writing and facilitating workshops. She started her own Creative Writing school for children known as The Writer’s Wand in 2008. Her poems and prose have been published in various anthologies and shortlisted for competitions. She is also very committed to writing for a cause.

Jayelle is an AWA facilitator, yoga teacher and physiotherapist. She often incorporates guided movement sessions in her workshops.


Out My Window

by Donna Lewis Fox

I hear a sweet two-note song.

A Baltimore Oriole, resplendent in ebony and orange,

his talons curved around the black handle of the grape jelly cup.

He looks around, dips his beak into the succulent treat,

looks up, dips again, flies into the tulip tree

to wipe his beak back and forth on a branch.

A female oriole, colors less intense but just as beautiful,

flies in to enjoy the sweetness.

Two days later the Rose-breasted Grosbeaks arrive.

The males wear their hearts on rounded white breasts.

The light brown females, adorned with white eyebrows

and two white bars on each wing,

join the feasting on black oil sunflower seeds.

Wait! A birdsong new to our yard.

We listen as he changes his call.

First, a cat meowing,

then a baby crying.

Our first catbird, not as flashy as the others,

but just as welcome.

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