AWA is not an endowed non-profit. We have limited ability to offer financial aid. However, we hope to include those writers whose voices traditional institutions have ignored, neglected or excluded. To fulfill our mission, we must nurture economic and racial diversity in our community.

For our 2022 training season, we have offered 8 full tuition waivers:

  • Six of these are provided for through The Kate Hymes Scholarship. We reserve space in every training for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) trainees who need financial assistance.
  • Two are funded by The Lane Goddard Scholarship. These funds go to others who need aid to attend the training and who have transformative aspirations for themselves or their intended workshop populations. 

APPLICATIONS ARE OPEN FOR FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE FOR 2023 TRAININGS. If you’re interested in receiving aid, please submit the standard application for the training you’re most interested in and then fill out our financial aid request form. If you’re not able to afford the $500 deposit before knowing about aid, we understand. You can choose “pay offline” to submit your application without a payment.


If you’d like to support our efforts to provide financial assistance, we welcome and celebrate your donations! Thank you for your generosity.

Support writers and workshop leaders to honor every unique voice in 2023.
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