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Isolation and loneliness are both on the rise. Many people find themselves feeling less and less connected to the people and communities in their lives. Writers are no exception, especially considering a literary landscape in which academia seems so often to be the only path to success or the opportunity to work and write with others. Our ability to talk to one another, to share our stories and have them heard, to build communities in which each person is respected and their unique voice us honored—these skills are deeply needed in our world.

Even those who don’t consider themselves writers benefit from what is offered by the AWA method, gathering with others to practice making art with words.

Amherst Writers & Artists has, for over thirty years, been developing and refining the principles and practices of our revolutionary workshop method. Writers in living rooms, prisons, hospitals, and more have written with one another and developed literary craft without damage to the creative spirit.

We have trained a network of workshop leaders that stretches the globe, offering groups of writers experiences that support the development of their own voices and their ability to closely listen to and connect with the vibrant, unique voices of others. We support these leaders with continuing education, a network of colleagues to draw experience and support from, writing and publishing opportunities, and more. Tens of thousands of people a year, a number that grows with each leader we train, gather each week to write and share with one another, many of them finding strength, empowerment, and even writing best-selling books.

Your support sustains these writers. The gifts we receive every year help us offer scholarships, both to train new workshop leaders and to assist workshop leaders from marginalized communities to fully participate in our affiliate network.

When you give, you give to thousands of writers, hundreds of workshop leaders, and to furthering the AWA method itself. Your financial support is an investment in the AWA method’s continued existence.
Support writers and workshop leaders to honor every unique voice in 2023.
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