Every May, AWA workshop leaders across the globe Write Around the World.

Leaders raise funds by offering donation-based writing groups, sharing the proceeds from each session to support AWA and its mission.

We’ve moved our campaign online and we’re making it as easy on you as possible. Let us know when you’re willing to facilitate a group and we’ll post your event to our calendar and website, promoting it to all who are interested in the AWA method. We’ll handle registration and collect donations, so all you’re volunteering is a few hours of your time. If you’re an affiliate, our videos about online leadership can help. We can even give you access to our GoToMeeting if you’d like!

Ready to tell us about your Write Around the World writing session? Sign up here.

There a few other special features:


Your session(s) will be advertised on AWA’s event calendar and website. The listing can be as robust as you want, featuring your email, website, and anything else you’d like us to share about your work. We’ll feature you in newsletters, on social media, and generally shower you with thanks! You’ll also be entered to win a scholarship to this October’s Professional Development and Writing Retreat as the biggest gesture of our appreciation (more on this below).


We share a new collection of prompts with workshop leaders each year. This helps it to feel like all participants in the marathon are writing together, even though we are scattered across time zones. It’s also a gift, a collection you can return to, explore, and make your own.

Posting writing to blog

All writers who participate can choose to have a page of their writing from the event featured on the AWA blog. This year, we’ll invite each of the writers to email us their offering directly. These works join together in a celebration of our vibrant community.

Drawing for retreat scholarship

Workshop leaders are automatically entered a drawing to receive a scholarship for AWA’s professional development retreat this October! You’ll receive one entry per every five writers who join you to write.

Curious who else is writing this year?


Inspired to add your voice? Register now and let us know when and where you’ll be joining our marathon from!

Support writers and workshop leaders to honor every unique voice in 2023.
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