If you are interested in getting involved to support AWA, we would love to connect with you!

Below is a list of specific opportunities, separated by category and ordered from most time commitment to least. To express your desire to take on any project or task, please reach out to the contact person listed.

If you’re interested in collaborative work, you may want to join a committee. These groups report to the AWA Board and work on independent projects, meeting roughly once a month.

We thank you in advance for your commitment to writers, the AWA method, and the freedom of every person’s unique creative voice.

AWA Volunteer Program

Contact: Lane Goddard, lane@amherstwriters.org

  • Design program (time-limited)
  • Coordinate volunteers

Mentorship Program

Contact: Sue Reynolds, sue@amherstwriters.org

  • Coordinate and participate in a mentor  group of 4-6 people
  • Mentor an affiliate for one year

Prompt Bank

Contact: Lane Goddard, lane@amherstwriters.org

  • Organize/design prompt bank (time limited)
  • Collect prompts
  • Compile emergency prompt for new affiliates, renewals
  • Provide a prompt

Professional Development Retreat

Contact: Sue Reynolds, sue@amherstwriters.org

  • Research venues (time limited)
  • Coordinate event
  • Present workshop
  • Lead writing session

Chapters/Regional Gatherings

Contact: Lane Goddard, lane@amherstwriters.org

  • Hold a one-day regional retreat (time limited)
  • Organize a chapter
  • Write up a regional AWA event


Contact: Lane Goddard, lane@amherstwriters.org

  • Be a first reader for Peregrine 2020


Contact: Lane Goddard, lane@amherstwriters.org

  • Design/organize project to collect state-by-state business requirements
  • Research requirements by state
  • Research requirements in your state
  • Compile a list of small business resources (CPAs and lawyers doing pro bono work, website developers, social media consultants, printers, one-on-one tech help) for your state

Data Collection

Contact: Lane Goddard, lane@amherstwriters.org

  • Develop/coordinate data collection project
  • Collect information about numbers of leaders working with special populations, numbers of groups, evidence of outcomes (see fundraising)
  • Collect information about AWA writers who have published


Contact: Vicki Pinkerton, vicki@amherstwriters.org

  • Join fundraising committee
  • Participate in Write-Around-the-World revitalization planning
  • Sponsor an affiliate’s dues
  • Research grants: Guidestar, The Foundation Center, Amazon Literary Partnership
  • Write a grant
  • Collect stories of how AWA and the method have changed people’s lives

Partnerships/AWA Name Recognition/Positioning

Contact: Sue Reynolds, sue@amherstwriters.org

  • Form a committee to explore organizations with congruent missions, recommend possibilities, organizations focused on writing, e.g., AWP
  • Plan and submit an AWA-oriented session to a local or national writing conference
  • Serve on committee


Contact: Lane Goddard, lane@amherstwriters.org

  • Create/coordinate a plan for forum monitoring volunteers
  • Create a thread
  • Seed an existing thread
  • Monitor a thread
Support writers and workshop leaders to honor every unique voice in 2023.
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